Our Mission

Jewelers and Watchmakers Guild (JWGuild) is located in Odenville, Alabama.

We are currently offering Memberships to help fund a school to train Veterans to become jewelers and watchmakers.  

The bench jewelers and watchmakers that have been in business over the last 30 years or so are getting to retirement age and there is a lack of people trained to take their place.  We want to take Veterans (abled and disabled) and train them in jewelry, watch and clock repair as well as Cad/cam and manufacturing techniques.  These students will then begin producing American made products available for sale on the website as well as in retail locations backed by the Guild that they will have an opportunity to own. 

Memberships are $99 annually.  

What does a Membership do other than help fund the school?  It allows the Member to purchase diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and watches at discounts up to 25% above Jeweler's Cost as well as get a discount on service charges.  When having service work done, parts will be at 25% above cost and the service charge will be a fraction of the regular retail pricing. Free shipping on all orders.  Discounts are shown in the shopping cart as items are added.  

As the platform grows, Members will be allowed to list items for sale on the site (Affiliate Program). This gives the member a platform to sell their unwanted items without paying fees that are charged by other selling websites.

Click here to become a Veteran Support (VS) Member

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